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Olympic Lifting in Crossfit

Oly Lifting


Ever wonder why we incorporate Olympic (Oly) lifts, the clean and jerk and the snatch, into CrossFit programming? Keep reading for a quick rundown of the importance of these movements!

Mastering the Olympic lifts helps form and develop the basis of all other movements (such as the squat, deadlift, and all power and jerk variations) we see in our programming. When practicing Oly lifts you are learning to condense all of these other movements with both explosive power and more precise execution.

Practicing these lifts conditions muscle groups and trains the body to not only impart force onto another object, but to receive that same force onto one’s own body. Practicing the clean and jerk and the snatch develops muscle power, speed, precision, coordination, body awareness, endurance, oxygen uptake, and the body’s ability to withstand stress, all of which are key to any athletic development.

We use these lifts in CrossFit not only because we like that they are challenging and require  practiced skill, but mainly because they help with our overall fitness and athletic capabilities!

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