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Beat the Heat-HYDRATE!


Female drinking a fresh water from bottle.

Nutrition Tip by-MELISSA JUDNICH

You know it’s hot outside when you get out of the shower and you’re already sweating! Or when you hear the saying “It’s so hot you could crack an egg on the sidewalk and it would cook.” Are you prepared for the heat?

Due to the intensity of our work outs combined with this summer heat, it is so important that we are making sure we are hydrated and nourished properly! Here are some Shifted recommendations:

1. Drink 3L of water each day! That’s about 101 ounces. MINIMUM.
2. Add in a hydration supplement once a day such as Catalyte! Catalyte is our electrolyte supplement of choice because it doesn’t have any bad sugars, you know what’s in it, and it is a good quality product!

3. Avoid sugary drinks such as Gatorade, Poweraid, Vitamin Water. DID YOU KNOW-in 16oz of Gatorade there is 30g of sugar?! Holy cow.
4. Make sure you are eating enough quality foods before and after class! Meat, fruits, vegetables, and some starch.
5. Know the symptoms of dehydration!

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