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Labels Matter


Nutrition Tip by-MELISSA JUDNICH

Nutrition labels are on products so we know what we’re putting into our bodies, but does everyone really know how to read them? Here are some things to consider when looking at nutrition labels.


1. CHECK THE SERVING SIZE- How many servings does it have? How much is in 1 serving? Often times they will try to trick you by making the servings smaller than you normally would use to make it more appealing.

2. CHECK THE INGREDIENTS- What is in it? Can you pronounce it? If not, you probably shouldn’t eat it. It’s also probably in your cleaning products! (gross!)

3. CHECK THE PROTEIN CONTENT- Higher amounts of protein are usually better! Obviously, this won’t work for salad dressings and sauces but for snacks and bars we want more protein than fat, and a similar amount to the carbs!

4. CHECK THE CARB CONTENT- Is it more than your daily allowance of carbs? Are you counting those carbs to your macros for the day? Some sauces and dressings can be super sneaky with this. There are some BBQ sauces with 10g+ of carbs just in 1 TBSP. BE CAREFUL! They will add up.


5. CHECK THE FAT CONTENT- Is it high? What type of fat is it? Most meals should have less than 15g of fat in them. Do you want 6g of your fat to come from that dressing? Make sure to add this in to total fat content.

6. ARE THERE ANY NUTRIENTS? – Does it have any vitamins, minerals, or fiber? If not, it’s probably not a healthy option.
Are calories important? Yes, but they should not be the only thing you consider when looking at a food label. You can find a TON of things low in calories, but are any of them healthy? The answer is usually no!

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