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Not All Sugar is Created Equal



The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

According to recent studies (www-m.cnn.com), 40% of adult Americans consume no calorie sweeteners every single day. Through blood and urine testing, most adults who claim to not consume any artificial sweeteners do so unknowingly! So what exactly is the harm in these no cal sugar substitutes? The way the human brain and body react to these products is much more complex than you would think!


One major concern of health advisors is that some consumers may assume that it’s okay to replace these “lost calories” with other sugary substances. The “Because I had a Diet Coke, it’s okay to have some ice cream too!” mentality is a big pitfall of these substitutes. Research has also found that faux sweeteners may alter your tastebuds. Since artificial sweeteners are SO much sweeter than natural sugar, they can actually overstimulate your palate making nutritious food such as fruit and vegetables taste less desirable, resulting in you eating less of the good stuff.


Studies from Harvard University have recently found that chemicals like aspartame may actually trick your brain into associating sugar with caloric intake, therefor causing us to eat more and possibly even choose sugar dense food over nutritionally dense food! Worst of all, these studies also led to the findings that these substitutes can be highly addictive, making it that much harder to curb your use of them.

Before beating yourself up about your most recent indulgence in Diet Coke, realize it is never to late to say “no” to Equal from here on out. Every time you go to reach for a diet soda, try drinking a glass of water first and have a small piece of fruit to get quench your thirst and sugar craving! It’ll help you and your body in the long run.

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