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Taco Tuesday Salad


Recipe Posted by CHLOE FOLENA from Lauren Roth

This is for all those taco Tuesday lovers!

*Some weeks we mix up which protein we use, but for this we did chicken!

  1. Sauté (about 1/2 tbps avocado oil) some veggies, we used bell peppers and red onion.
  2. Then cook the chicken, we use 1/2 tablespoon of avocado oil to sauté it!
  3. Chop up some crunchy romaine, sometimes we add black beans or corn!
  4. Cut some cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and lime!
  5. Throw it all in a bowl and boom! Taco salad!! Try Trader Joe’s new item of the week, jalapeño sauce, which was way to hot for me!

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