Laina Lira

Laina Lira


Hi I’m Laina. My fitness journey began in 2014 when my high school cheer coach Meaghan (owner of Shifted Fitness) introduced CrossFit to our team. I’ve always been competitive growing up doing gymnastics as well as other sports like softball, soccer, track, & swimming.

Over the years I have done lots of local CrossFit competitions and CrossFit opens. Lifting weights is my favorite especially squat snatches. Lifting allows me to feel strong and powerful. I often surprise myself at what I can achieve.

This past May I graduated with my BA Degree in Deaf Studies/Interpreting and I’m now working for a school district with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Even with all these recent changes, I still enjoy coaching and helping our members accomplish their fitness goals. Seeing their faces when they hit a personal goal brings joy to my heart.

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