Coach, Personal Trainer, and Kid’s/Teen’s Coach


Q: How did you get involved in the fitness industry:

I started in high school training kids and teenagers at speed and conditioning camps.  I also interned with a personal trainer and a football coach.  After finishing my collegiate football career, I found CrossFit and fell in love with the sport.  Now as a CrossFit Coach personal trainer, I am able to share my passion for sports and fitness with others of all ages.

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite movement

Favorite movement: Handstand Walking

Least favorite: Assault Bike

Q: What is a fun fact about you?

My wife and I are high school sweethearts

Q: What is your favorite food?


Q: What is your favorite hobby outside of CrossFit?

Hiking or kayaking – basically anything in nature

Q: f you could meet and hang out with one person  for a day who would it be?

Joe Rogan

Q: Favorite quote?

“A dream without a plan is just a dream”

Q: What goals do you have for yourself?

To convince people that they are capable of more than they think they are and that they can achieve anything they want if they are willing to work for it.

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